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Eleanor Cardozo is one of the most exciting and intriguing sculptors currently on the scene. Over the last 20 years her work has been exhibited across the globe, each time her inimitable style enthralling audiences. During the London 2012 Olympics, at such an important time in the capital’s history, Eleanor’s work was on show in high profile locations across London including Westminster Abbey, Heathrow, and Kensington Palace Gardens, As a former gymnast herself, Eleanor has first-hand knowledge of the skill and discipline required and her unique collection of bronze gymnasts became internationally known when they were photographed by the BBC, Sky and Getty images.

Renowned for the precision and finesse of her bronze sculptures, Eleanor Cardozo is dedicated to raising the quality and beauty of contemporary art through her work. “Beauty speaks to the senses; it nurtures the soul and lifts the spirit. Artists have a duty within society to raise the quality of artistic skill and subject matter.” She has lectured on the subject of Art in Society and was one of four international speakers at the 'Go 4 Glory' Olympic festival in London.

The second of ten children, Eleanor was born in London in 1965 but spent her early childhood in Africa and Malaysia. She was classically trained in sculpture at the City and Guilds School of Art in London and in portraiture at the Cecil Graves Studio in Florence. Her portraits adorn the walls of politicians, corporate directors, military academies and the aristocracy in Europe and Asia and her work can be found in private collections and on public display throughout the world. She has been described by one of her collectors as, "the greatest unexploited talent in the fine art world today". 

In March 2012, Eleanor was appointed Founder Ambassador of Swiss watch company Bedat & Co, one of the most legitimate feminine watch designers inspired by the Art Deco traditions. She lives in Geneva with her husband and three children.

Eleanor Cardozo’s work has been exhibited worldwide at the following places: 

2020  All year – GENEVA Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Solo show

2020  January – GENEVA Artion Gallery, group show

2018 All Year – GENEVA Mandarin Oriental Hotel, solo show

2018 All year – GENEVA Artion Gallery, Vielle Ville, group show

2018 January- LONDON Osborne Studio Gallery, Knightsbridge  Group show

2017 March – LONDON Walton Fine Arts, Knightsbridge

2017 January – BELGIUM Cafmeyer Gallery – Group Show

2016 December – 2017 February LONDON, Osborne Studio Gallery, Knightsbridge

2016 September- LONDON, Maddox Gallery, Mayfair – Group Show

2016 June – November – FRANCE, Art Contemporain – Group Show

2016 June – September – St TROPEZ, Gallery Grullier – Group Show

2016 January – LONDON, Adler, New Bond Street

2015 December – GSTAAD, Galerie Bel Air Fine Art

2015 December – 2016 April – GSTAAD, Promenade 4 metre Poise

2015 December – COURCHEVELl, Galerie Grullier

2015 September – December PARIS, Gallery Arts Club

2015 All year – LONDON, Hay Hill Gallery

2014 All year – LONDON, Hay Hill Gallery

2014 October – LONDON,Wellington Barracks opposite Buckingham Palace, 4metre Poise

2013 May – October – LONDON Four Seasons Park Lane

2013 October – 2014 January – LONDON Jumeirah Carlton Towers

2013 January – GENEVA CDL Rue Des Alpes with Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn

2013 January – LONDON Cavendish Square – solo piece

2013 All year – LONDON Hay Hill Gallery

2012 October – GENEVA President Wilson Hotel, Permanent installation

2012 May - October- ABU DHABI, Doha Group exhibition with Galerie Bel Air Fine Art

2012 May - June LONDON Hampstead Theatre

2012 March - September – LONDON Adler New Bond Street

2012 July – September – LONDON Kensington Palace Gardens for VIP Olympics Solo Show

2012 June – September – LONDON Westminster Abbey solo exhibition

2012 June – October – LONDON Gatwick VIP  Solo show for the Olympics

2012 June – September – LONDON Osborne Studio Gallery Knightsbridge Group show

2011 June - 2012 February GENEVA Group show Mimesis Contemporary Art Geneva

2011 July - August – GENEVA Solo Show, Four Seasons

2011 July - 2012 September LONDON Heathrow Terminal 5 Fine Art Expo

2011 May - August PARIS Ritz Paris Solo Show

2010 December - 2011 January GSTAAD Adler Gstaad Solo show

2010 June- October 2010 LONDON Harrods solo show

2010 January- June LONDON Group show Catto Gallery,

2009 December- SWITZERLAND  Lausanne Palace solo show

2007 July - August SWITZERLAND International exhibition Group show Lausanne Palace

2006 - 2009  GENEVA permanent solo exhibition Mandarin Oriental Geneva

2005 - 2006 MEGEVE winter solo show

2005 June –FRANCE August St Paul de Vence Group show

Private Commissions are the work she is currently doing. Mostly she is sculpting Royal Families in the Middle and Far East.

Carving a life-size 6ft man out of Sajex.

 Finished bronze, mounted on Dorset Sandstone


Eleanor Cardozo

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Eleanor Cardozo is a British artist and sculptor based in Switzerland, most known for her bronze sculptures.[1] In 2012, she made a set of five sculptures of gymnasts which were displayed in Britain during the Olympics.[2]

Early life and education

Cardozo was born in London in 1965.[3] The second of ten children, she was brought up in many different countries including Malaysia, Malawi, Ghana, Cyprus, Germany and Gibraltar where her father was posted as a Military Attach้. Cardozo attended St Mary's School in Shaftesbury with five of her sisters. Her mother taught violin and piano to all the children and her parents encouraged music and art at home.[1][4]

Cardozo's grandmother was an artist at the Royal Academy and there were several painters in her father's family. She was interested in arts and drawing since her childhood, but when she was 15, her art master advised her to focus on sculpture as well as drawing.[5] During her school life, she also trained in gymnastics and up till the age of 17 participated in county level gymnastic competitions.[6]

Cardozo was trained in sculpture at the City and Guilds of London Art School and in portraiture at the Cecil Graves school in Florence.[7][8]


In 2010, she displayed a number of works at Harrods, on the invitation of Mohamed Al-Fayed. The exhibition was very popular and was extended by a month.[9] Later that year she displayed her work at the Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne, next door to the Olympic Museum.[10]

The International Olympic Committee suggested she include her work at the London 2012 Olympics. David Cameron encouraged her to work with LOCOG for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad but it was the Fine Art Expo Gallery at Heathrow Terminal 5 who commissioned her to make a three-metre gymnast, Promise, for the terminal concourse. It was dedicated to Frankie Jones, Team GB Rhythmic Gymnastics, who performed in front of the sculpture for the BBC in January 2012.[2] Youth with a Mission subsequently commissioned a second three-metre public monument Poise for display outside Westminster Abbey and a collection of bronze gymnasts to be exhibited inside the Abbey.[11][12] The Telegraph called her exhibition "one of the most inspiring and insightful Olympics-themed exhibitions taking place in London."[13] Hampstead Theatre requested a solo exhibition of Cardozo's work, to coincide with their production of Chariots of Fire.[1] For the duration of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games, Cardozo's sculptures were on public display at Gatwick Airport,[14] Heathrow T5, Kensington Palace Gardens, Bond Street and Westminster Abbey.[6]

In 2012, Bedat & Co selected her as their ambassador and titled her "woman of calibre."[4][15]

In 2013 her monument sculptures were requested for public exhibition at Knightsbridge, at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane and at Wellington Barracks and in Berkley Square. Petra Ecclestone commissioned a full body bronze sculpture which was delivered to her in January 2013. Later that same year Cardozo made some sculptures for Cirque du Soleil[16] and displayed her sculptures at the Henley Festival.[7] She has been influenced by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Donatello.[12]

As of November 2012, Poise is standing in front of the Palais Wilson. It was bought by the owner of the President Wilson Hotel, Charles Tamman in 2012, who plans on keeping it there.[17]

Personal life

Cardozo is married and has three children. Her husband is a banker. They lived in London till 1998 and then moved to Switzerland.[1]


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