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We don’t exhibit artworks – we showcase artists

'The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life from our souls' - Pablo Picasso

We closed our gallery on Baker Street on 23 July 2016 for a relocation. We continue to operate as an online gallery till we open the gallery at a new location.

Hay Hill Gallery is situated in the prestigious Marylebone district of the City of Westminster in London. This stunning glass fronted gallery looking over Baker Street and Blandford Street specialises in contemporary and modern arts and presents an ever-changing collection of sculptures and paintings by a number of internationally recognised artists. The gallery works mostly in a primary market.

First opened in 2002 on London’s Hay Hill (Mayfair), Hay Hill Gallery presented Russian art before relocating to Cork Street (Mayfair) and expanding in 2008 to deal in international and British arts. Then the gallery moved to its impressive new Baker Street location (Marylebone) in 2013, now gracing more than 3.000 sq ft space.

In collaboration with ARTful Ltd and business organisations, the gallery is also known for installing sculptures and eye-catching paintings in popular locations such as the Time & Life Building at Bruton Street, the Berkeley Square House Business Centre and other business premises and public sites in Mayfair, City of London, Marylebone, Victoria, etc. If your business would like to find out about how our projects operate, please contact info@hayhillgallery.com for more details.

In cooperation with developers Hay Hill Gallery supply on rent artworks to developers for the decoration of their developments (flats, houses, and other commercial projects).

Our consultants will advise you on all matters pertaining to your specific interests, so visit one of our exhibitions at 35 Baker Street, or browse through our extensive website. Whether you are thinking about starting a collection, already have a collection or are just looking for that one important piece, we have both the variety and specialism to help you find exactly what you want. We are capable of delivering both in the UK and internationally, using one of our approved handling professionals.

The Gallery Mission Statement.

Hay Hill Gallery presents international contemporary and modern arts choosing talented artists worldwide. At Hay Hill Gallery we believe that art is life enhancing and that accessing the benefits of art ownership does not require a degree in art history and need not always break the bank. Our choice of art is not narrowed to one specific era, genre or style. Instead we seek to bring to our clients a wide range of art of the highest calibre and quality, produced by artists in whom we believe, and who continue to demonstrate a clear commitment to their concepts and ideas. We at Hay Hill Gallery prefer to exhibit established artists but we also like to experiment with emerging artists working mostly on canvases and board. Styles can vary from hyperrealism to abstract.

We are fortunate to have the space to show plenty of sculpture and to exhibit sculptors who work in a range of media - bronze, steel, iron, aluminium, fibreglass, stone, resin, etc. Styles of sculptures vary from classical and neo-classical forms to a celebration of popular culture. There is something for everyone with a wide price range from emerging artists to famous masters.

Throughout the year the gallery has a dynamic schedule of changing exhibitions of paintings carried out about four weeks each. The two floors of gallery space can easily accommodate either solo exhibitions or large Group Shows which allow us to show work from invited new artists alongside Gallery artists. Sculptures are exhibited on the gallery floors longer with some changes. We do our best all these exhibitions be well presented and in-depth curated.

We don't exhibit artworks only – we showcase artists. By taking an artist onto our books we are investing in a person, in his promotion, sales and influence. We are not interested in taking artworks and selling them only - although this is a happy side effect. We want the artists we represent to grow in value and image. We rise by lifting our artists. Working with artists means that each one is the favourite.

We want our pages about our artists to be something like the Wikipedia of the gallery artists, where we present all known to us information about the artists and their works. And we ask all our artists to help us in building it.

Hay Hill Gallery is a public gallery with a free admission. The gallery sees the gallery-client relationship as central. We want the whole experience of viewing, choosing and owning a piece of art to be enjoyable.

The gallery clients are also international. We invite and cater clients from around the world. We try to cater to the well-educated collectors and also like to work to educate beginning collectors. Our clients are both private and institutional buyers. For our local clients and visitors we organise Private Viewing for each new exhibition with presence of the exhibiting artists (when possible). We try to inform all clients in details about our artists and their exhibitions through our extensive website and numerous Internet sources such as social media, and others. We provide images, information and pdf catalogues by e-mail. The gallery is open throughout the week and on Saturdays. We are happy to make appointments for viewing outside normal gallery hours.

We provide advice and can arrange for any purchased artwork to be framed and delivered worldwide (crated if necessary).

Many our artists are open to undertaking specific commissions for clients. We are experienced at dealing with this and can guide the client through the commissioning process from the first idea to final delivery taking away any feeling of risk.

Everybody at Hay Hill Gallery works hard building a reputation for our integrity and professionalism.

As we mentioned earlier - art is life enhancing and buying or collecting art should be fun. We like a good party and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Private Views or Events - so join our guest list either by contacting us or via our Web site.

Terms of sale.

  • Payable upon receipt of an invoice if not stated differently.

  • We do not store customer credit card details.

  • Title does not pass until payment has been received in full.

  • Standard packaging to be provided by the gallery.

  • Shipping, insurance, and custom crating (if necessary) are the responsibility of the purchaser if not agreed differently. We organize the shipping if agreed using the professional services of our art shippers.

  • We deliver the purchased artwork in the shortest reasonable time.

  • The cancellation of the purchase can be done during 14 days after receiving the artwork. The refund will be made during 7 days after the artwork return without damage.

  • Copyright of the artwork is non-transferable and remains the property of the artist.

  • Please be sure that all wire transfer fees and conversion rates are deducted from the account of the sender such that sum total of invoice is amount received via wire.

Note to our clients and artists.

Each artist whom we represent in our website can have at least one presentation catalogue of works. The presentation catalogue which we call simply catalogue can contain works not available for sale. The artists whom we organise the online exhibition or sales from our website can have at least two catalogues: the presentation catalogue (or catalogues) and the catalogue of works for sale (with prices), which we call a ‘purchase document’. The purchase document (the catalogue with prices) will be created for sales and the online exhibitions. It is password protected. It can be open for public view (without password), if the artist wishes it. It is the artist’s obligation to inform the gallery if any work in the purchase document is unavailable for sale. We advise artists to keep the purchase document all time in a current state, i.e., informing us to add new artworks which are for sale and remove sold ones. We do not ask the exclusivity in sales for works presented by the purchase catalogue. Artist or art dealer can sell works to their clients. We ask only to inform us about the sale to remove the sold artworks from the purchase catalogue. We also ask artists and art dealers to inform us about any changes in their contact details.

‘The Online Exhibition’ differs from ‘The Sales at the Web site’ by special marketing of the exhibitor in the gallery Web site and the social media. The sales of artist artworks continue after the end of the Online Exhibition.

The sizes of artworks in the gallery and in our Web site are given for 2 dimensional works as height x width, for 3 dimensional works as height x width x depth.

Apart from the Web site Hay Hill Gallery run the Blog ‘Happening at Hay Hill Gallery’ at the address https://hayhillgallery.wordpress.com/. Any information and artist stories are welcome for publishing at our Blog.

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