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EDGAR DEGAS (1834-1917)

The Degas Sculpture Project Ltd
As widely reported, in 2001 an unknown plaster of Degas’ most significant sculpture, La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans (The Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen) surfaced in Chevreuse, France. This was followed in 2004 when 74 other unknown Degas plasters came to light. The critical question to establish authenticity: “Were the plasters made from Degas’ waxes?”

From The Times, November 28, 2009
Little Dancer points to sensational discovery of Degas sculpture hoard
Zoë Blackler and Ben Hoyle
They are either one of the most extraordinary art finds of the past 100 years or one of the most exquisite frauds to be attempted. One way or another, though, a complete set of 74 plaster sculptures of dancers, bathers and horses attributed to Edgar Degas will dominate discussion of the great Impressionist artist for years to come.

‘New Insights Into Degas’ Creative Process in Sculpture’ - Gregory Hedberg, Ph.D.

A Controversy over Degas
By William D. Cohan Posted
01/04/10 12:00 am
Experts are concerned about the authenticity of 74 "recently discovered" plaster casts of Degas sculptures that were purportedly made during his lifetime and the bronzes that have been produced from them, which are now selling for more than $2 million...

Two responses to ‘A Controversy over Degas’
By ARTnews Posted 01/04/10 12:00 am
William D. Cohan’s article suggests that the art world today is divided into two warring camps about 74 recently revealed Degas plasters.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Degas’s Sculpture
By Patricia Failing Posted 01/05/11 12:00 am
An exhaustive catalogue from the National Gallery of Art draws on both art history and scientific analysis to resolve questions about how Degas made sculpture and what happened to it after his death.

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