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Enzo Archetti  was born in Monticelli Brusati (Brescia), Italy in 1946. He lives now in Brescia.

He began to be interested in art during the years of high school and after graduation he continued his cultural education graduating in Modern Letters. During the same period, without interrupting his studies, he attended the Carrara Academy of Bergamo for two years under the direction of Trento Longaretti. For Archetti painting is one of the most effective ways to tell himself, the others, and the world.

At the beginning of his artistic activity, in the 1970s, he painted the real, and then, until the early 90s, he confronted the great artists of the past, in particular with Piero della Francesca and subsequently combined his figurative with informal painting while maintaining the female figure with cobalt blue eyes as the dominant element.


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