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Ashkal, originally Naveed Akhtar, is a world within himself. He is a painter, an expert art–restorer, re-producer of the western Old Masters paintings, fine art photographer, filmmaker, and Founder President of The Visual and Performing Arts Forum International UK.

Ashkal began his art education as a shagird of Iqbal Mehdi. From 1988 till 1994 he worked consistently in the Ustaad's studio perfecting a representational style of work in the gruelling medium of pen and ink. The next six years were spent in America where he learnt the painstaking art of restoration when he participated in some assignments with friends working for noted auction houses.

By the time he returned to Pakistan in 2000, his style of work had grown far beyond the pen and ink medium. Influenced by the intricacies of restorative work, he began to specialize in miniatures of Oriental scene paintings of old masters. Experiments in modern abstract calligraphy continued alongside.


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