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David Balilty is an artist with North African roots. He was born in Jerusalem in 1971 to a family of artists and musicians. He was primarily influenced by his father, the internationally successful artist Joseph Balilty. Spending much of his life in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Davidís experience has been influenced by the social, political and cultural dynamics of life in the Middle East. His work reflects the new generationís vibrancy on the Israeli art scene. With a multicultural influence and underground vibe, David is considered to be one of the most exciting emerging local contemporary artists.

At age 21 he moved to Berlin and lather to London where he lived for five years. He currently lives between London and Tel Aviv.

Davidís art aspires to demonstrate visually how his mind and soul see the world. David manages to create fluidity of motion through a flow of beautiful chaotic combinations of boldly layered and dripping colour.


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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com