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To most of us, Fayez Barakat is best known as the world's most important dealer and collector of ancient art. However, and whilst Barakat's extensive knowledge has helped shape key private and public collections (and to this day remains a leading scholar in this field), there is another said to Fayez Barakat that is fast becoming apparent; he is a prolific and highly accomplished painter who has managed over the last few years to establish an eclectic and allusive body of work.

'It is my opinion that feelings, sensations, thoughts, expectations and dreams are frequencies that respond to colours, shapes and forms that are embedded in our subconscious minds. When I paint I try to share my experiences through this vibration of colours. The discipline of my distribution of memories is reflected in my paintings. It is my hope that my paintings will enhance the aesthetic frequencies of the viewers to a higher level of their present consciousness, enabling them to see the beauty of their genetic impression in the abstract forms and shapes created. The ecstasy I feel after the completion of each artwork is the basis of a new creation and a process of spiritual growth. To share this journey with my viewers is my ultimate joy in the brief experience we call life.' - Fayez Barakat

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