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Claudie Bastide, is an international artist having lived in a number of cities including Paris, Brussels and Mexico where she ran a fashion-design studio. Back in Paris she spent 10 years collaborating with a French fashion icon-Pierre Cardin. She fell in love with the arts, and had her first solo exhibition of characters made out of chairs back in 1996.

Claudie enjoys using brushes and colours to express the very and unspeakable depth of her feelings. She expresses herself in an abstract, geometrical way, looking for harmony of shapes and colours. Claudie is particularly fond of oil painting for its exhilarating scents and vibrant colours, so much so that, she would happily cover herself in the stuff! Claudie also recently got into digital photography manipulation, and is without a shadow of a doubt an all round artist!

Claudie has received several honour prizes for her works and has exhibited in many cities including Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Barcelona. Many of her sculptures and paintings are in private collections. Claudie currently lives and works near Montpellier, France


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