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Federico Romero Bayter was born in Colombia, he studied at the Accademia di Brera in Milan and he now lives in Genoa, a city which is as mythical as it is fascinating due to its closeness to the sea and its rich history.

The artist combines both the Latin American and the Italian culture in a rich polyphony of colours, suggestions and signs. As he himself declares he “started drawing when he was born” and took in the love for art from his family. In the two “worlds” he has lived in he recognizes the affinity of passions and religious spirituality. Those two worlds with their contradictions dominate his work where they miraculously merge in dynamic lines which give evidence of his determined use of the paintbrush.

Bayter is an artist of his time in every respect; with him paintings become tri-dimensional, architectural, perspective space. The vitalism of what he is doing is transmitted without veil, without complicated or solipsistic motivation. Obviously his deeper ego is constantly present and he continues his research, but the numerous signs of acceptance he has been gaining in Italy and beyond prove him right.

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