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"The Space Between"

He wishes for the cloths of heaven
“But I, being poor, have only my dreams,
I have spread my dreams under my feet.
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

William Butler Yeats - Gemma's favourite poet

Gemma Billington was born in Kilorgloin, County Kerry,. She went to England in her early twenties and married and had three children. When her children reached an age she was then able to pursue her studies. She studied sculpture, painting and textile design at Basingstoke college of technology and then continued with her studies at Winchester school of art ‘Southampton University’ where she specialized and defined her practice in painting. Gemma now lives and works between Glencar, County Kerry, south/west Ireland and her farm in Berkshire where she enjoys her life as an artist and the breeding of thoroughbred horses.

The works of Turner, Jack B Yates, Matisse, and present day contemporary artist Hughie O Donoghue are much admired by Gemma and she admits that she doesn’t really think that you can be influenced by other artists but can be inspired by the subject that they are drawn to. Gemma’s main inspiration comes from the western coast of Ireland huddled on the edge of Europe where she feels true magic really happens.

Born a catholic, the ‘eight of ten children’ was brought up in household where the rosary was recited each night. Her religion is now one with nature and art. She believes a relationship with painting can be healing both for the artist and any viewer prepared to let go of preconceived prejudices and absorb the magic of the timelessness of nature and its ever changing patterns.

Past Exhibitions
2019                Hay Hill Gallery, UK                                                          Solo exhibition
2019                Cill Rialaig Art Centre , County Kerry, Ireland                       Solo exhibition
2016                Hay Hill Gallery, UK                                                          Solo exhibition
2014                Royal Academy  Summer Exhibition                                  
2013                Grace, Belgravia, London                                                   Solo exhibition
2013                The residence, Dublin                                                        Group Exhibition
2013                Cill Rialaig Art Centre , County Kerry, Ireland                       Solo exhibition
2012                Gallery 27, Cor Street, London                                            Group Exhibition
2012                Espacio Gallery, Brick Lane, London                                   Group Exhibition
2012                Royal Academy of Art, London                                            Group Exhibition
2011                Mock 1, Bankside Gallery, London                                       6 Contemporary Artists
2011                Lesley Hellier Space, New Yorks                                          Group Exhibition
Royal Academy of Art, London                                             Group Exhibition
2010                Queens Elm, Chelsea, London                                             Group Exhibition
2010                Urban Retreat, Dublin                                                          
Solo exhibition
2010                Muckross Park Hotel, Killarney. Eire                                     Solo exhibition
2009                Osbourne Studio Gallery, Motcomb St, London                      Group Exhibition
2008                U
rban Retreat, Dublin                                                           Solo exhibition
2008                Listowel, County Kerry                                                         Solo exhibition
2007                Urban Retreat, Dublin                                                           Solo exhibition
2007                Cill Rialaig Art Centre , County Kerry, Ireland                          Group Exhibition
2006                Pangfield Farm, Berkshire                                                    
Solo exhibition
2006                Cill Rialaig Art Centre , County Kerry, Ireland                          Group Exhibition
2003/5             Selected for Royal Academy of Art Summer                            Exhibition
2000                Greenham Arts Centre, Berkshire                                           Group Exhibition
1999                Corn Exchange, Newbury, Berkshire                                       Group Exhibition

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