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At the Academy of Fine Art in Kassel, Blum studied under Prof. Kurt Haug, advocate of North German Realism and member of the Zebra group. Graduating with distinction in 1991, Blum gained the sought-after scholarship awarded by the district gallery of Fulda, the “Kunststation Kleinsassen”, where he lived from 1991-94 before finally settling in the Rhön region.

Blum is one of the most exciting German figurative artists of his generation. Using the Old Masters techniques of layer and glaze painting, his scenes are muted, selective with colour, like silent film reels and tinted sepia prints. Gentle diffusions of light are met by the devilishly sharp details of Blum’s technical brilliance. The unreality of the real world with its desires, alienation, loneliness and illusion is presented in a deeply lyrical style.

The artist is already to be found in reference books having put on over 110 exhibitions all over the world. His work has been shown in prestigious locations such as the Vienna Künstlerhaus in Austria; the European Parliament in Brussels, the National Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca, as well as in Japan and the USA.
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