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Eugene Brimmerberg was born in 1950 in Russia. Brimmerberg’s exhibition career was born in the dramatic cultural shift away from official state-sanctioned art in the early 1990s. But it was in an atmosphere of cultural isolation that the artist previously developed, by seeking to reinvestigate enlightened universal principals in painting and intellectual thought.

Brimmerberg’s bold compositions hover on the edge of figuration and abstraction, stylistically reinvestigating key art movements, from Minimalism to Abstract Expressionism and Cubism. While reinterpreting the genius of early Twentieth Century painting, his attitude towards these recognisable oeuvres is to review them, reinvent them and introduce to them a fresh spirit – characterised through the vibrating bright energy and animated dynamism of the works which pulse with light and life.

Musically, the artist’s influences are made clear in the titles of his works. Finding in music a source of energy and sensitivity unattainable in life, the tone of the composition in turn informs the tone of his palette. Optically, these dynamics find a balance through the dropping and swelling pitch of the canvas, the artist’s precision in capturing light, whilst the analytical structure inherent in Brimmerberg’s work echoes the philosophies of Hegel and Leibniz – with each element of his art defined in its own terms.

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