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Main events:

1997 Personal exhibition at Turmwindmuhle Gallery (Germany)

1998 Artefiera di Padova

1999 Personal exhibition at the CD Studio Padova Gallery, Artefiera di Padova

2000 Solo exhibition at Il Girasole Gallery Rome, Artefiera di Padova

2001 Personal exhibition at Il Girasole Gallery Rome, Personal exhibition at La Mimosa gallery Monterotondo (RM), Artefiera di Padova

2002 Collective exhibition at Graf Heidelberg gallery (D), Artefiera Pordenone, Personal exhibition at Galleria City Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Artefiera di Padova

2003 Artefiera Pordenone, Personal gallery Artem Palermo, Personal gallery Arte Più Lanciano (CH), Artefiera di Padova

2004 Artefiera di Pordenone, Udine Art and Antiques Fair, Art Expo New York, Collective Gallery Behr Tissen New York, Artefiera di Vicenza, Personal Gallery Il Girasole Rome, Personal Gallery Vaiasuso Alcamo (TP), Artefiera di Padova, Fiera intern. of Modern Art Ghent (Belgium)

2005 Artefiera di Pordenone, Artefiera di Parma, Artefiera di Vicenza, International Fair of Modern Art Geneva (CH)

2006 Personal exhibition at Galleria Venezia Parmessens (D), Artefiera di Padova, Intern. of Modern Art Ghent (Belgium)

2007 Personal art studio Mosè Rovigo, Personal Don Quixote Gallery Parma, Permanently in the Museum of Modern Art Palazzo Caetani Cisterna (LT), Artefiera, Longarone (BL), Arte Reale Sky Channel, Personal exhibition, Art outlet (Televenezia )

From 01 to 22 September 2007, El Paseo Gallery Art exhibition Marbella (Spain)

October 2007, The Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park London

2008 Artefiera di Parma, Personal Artem Gallery Palermo, Personal Asolo Golf Club (TV)

Summer 2008, Bad Re Ichenhall Art Academy Germany, Thomas Lange Torre Alfina (VT)

July - August 2008, La Fenice space collective (Venice)

2009 Personal exhibition at Galleria Capricorno, Bolzano

February 2009, Personal Villa Loredan Asolo (TV)

From 10 March to 30 April, Personal Gallery Konster Goteborg (Sweden)

2010 Participation in the Asolo Biennial by invitation (TV)

May 2010, Live performance Momà di Asolo (TV)

From 17 to 27 July 2010, New Code art review, Cloister of S. Paolo (FE)

From 09 to 17 October, Participation by invitation at the 5th International Biennial of Art in Ferrara

October 2010, Participation in ArtFair London

December 2010, Presentation of the Monograph "Camatta" Ed. Mondadori, Refrontolo (TV)

January 2011, Itaca Gallery Verona staff

May 2011, Two-year exhibition tour in China

From June 18 to August 20, "Moonlit Night", Art Review Museo del Balì Saltara (PU)

June 2011, Work acquired by the Vatican

Summer 2011, Permanently in the Orler Galleries (San Martino di Castrozza / Punta Ala)

August 2011, Permanent work in the Museo del Balì Saltara (PU)

From December 2011 to January 2012, “Il Metaformismo” Collective Itaca Gallery Verona

February 2012, Permanent works Gallery T69 New York.

Since March 2012, the "Camatta" catalog, published by Mondadori, can be consulted in the library of the Metropolitan Museum in New York (USA)

March 2012, Artefiera di Parma

2012, Participation in the Biennale of Asolo (TV), by invitation

February 2013, The "Camatta" catalog, published by Mondadori, can be consulted in the library of the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow (RU)

From February 2013, Opera present at Buckingham Palace.

From March 28 to April 11, Aenigma, Renaissance artists and contemporary artists in comparison, art review at the cellars of Palazzo Rava Ravenna

From 29 June to 31 August, "Colors and transparencies", art exhibition at the Balì Museum in Saltara (PU)

From 11 to 14 July, Art Hamptons International Art Fair New, York (USA)

From 25 to 29 July, Art Southampton International Art Fair, New York (USA)

From 03 to 06 October, Spectrum Art Fair, New York (USA)

From 20 to 23 November, Modern Contemporary Abu Dabhi Art, United Arab Emirates

From 04 to 08 December, Spectrum Miami Art Fair, Florida (USA)

From 23 June to 19 July 2014, Personal exhibition at the “Hayhill Gallery” London

June 2014, Tabish's Top 5 Art Exhibitions London

From 20 December 2014 to 28 February 2015, Group Show Hayhill Gallery London

From 16 September 2015 to 25 October 2015, International Biennial of "Cheongju" South Korea

From 4th to 30th April 2015, Hayhill Gallery London staff

From 17 September 2015 to 15 October 2015, Hilton Malta staff

From 21 to 24 April 2017, Art expo New York

From 6 July to 6 October 2017, Personal Lienz Austria

From 21 to 24 September 2017, Kiaf 2017 seoul (South Korea)

November 2020, Smirnoff Gallery, Moscow

November 2020, Personal exhibition at the “Expobanca Premier” Moscow

January 2021, Personal exhibition at "Lapino" Moscow

He currently lives and works in Refrontolo (TV)

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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com