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Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev was born in 1962 in Moscow, in the family of creative people. His father, Pedro Clavijo, was a Columbian journalist and a radio reporter. His grandfather by his father's side, Edmundo Clavijo Cubilios, was a famous Columbia's photograph and artist. His grandfather and grandmother by his mother's side, Vladimir and Margarita Telepnevs, were painters. In 1986 Vladimir graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Academy, faculty of graphic art, specializing in painting, graphics and polygraphic design.

Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev is one of the most famous modern photographers in Russia, who managed to make a perfect career being faithful to his principles in art and life. His works are usually divided into various series. He uses different methods and styles, working with different themes, but always in monochrome palette, adding sepia and weak shades of colour. Clavijo-Telepnev deliberately stints himself in using colours to put a greater emphasis on lines, forms and plasticity. His photographic works are usually drawn towards retro. He likes making photos of landscapes, an architecture of Stalin's times. He has also created a series of portraits of Russia's modern art workers.

Clavijo-Telepnev is an owner of innumerable awards and titles. In particular, he was named a living classic of a Russian art photography by the experts of a Moscow Photography House. He is one of the best photographers of Russia, according to the "Kommersant" newspaper. Clavijo-Telepnev was a participant of many exhibitions (including personal) in Russian and foreign prestigious galleries. Several albums of his works have been issued.

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