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I am constantly exploring new areas of my own painting to see what creates an atmosphere or a mood for the viewer, to take them past the boundaries of being purely representational, and they become a record of my own experiences and impressions of places.I always try to retain an honesty and an integrity to my paintings, so I am very critical of what does and doesn't go into the finished piece, right from the outset I am questioning my subject, scale and composition, through to the light, palette, and the application of the paint.

There is a different motivation behind each collection, but a personal connection to each. Whether it is somewhere I have travelled and felt compelled to paint, or somewhere as personal as a place I remember from my past or even a place where I can find a moment of tranquillity.

Painting, to me, should be a very natural process, without the restraints of gimmick and style, it is an infinite language of expression, only I find it much more comforting than using words.

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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com