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From a studio opposite her house, she manages compositions on a monumental scale - paintings can measure 2 x 4.5 metres and also paints small pictures, some no larger than 10 cm square. She works in tinted gesso, acrylic and sometimes in oil on canvas, or on a corrugated wood support, which gives a three dimensional effect to her work, as does her practice of incorporating the frame within the composition.

A recurring theme within her work is crowd interaction. Some of these paintings have been used as covers for King Crimson's recent albums. Alain Coudert writing in Arts Actualities Magazine, Paris says of her work: "The world according to P. J. Crook is full of individuals losing their identities in a crowd, where they are packed tightly like sardines in a tin. But this is not sad, it is merely a symptom of an age which tends to walk on its head."

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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com