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Sergey Fedotov was born in 1968 in Moscow, Russia. After graduating from the Physics Faculty of the Moscow State University in 1993, he developed a passion for painting. In 2001, he traveled to Cuba, France, and the Crimea to continue pursuing his interest in art. That same year, Fedotov had his first solo exhibition in Moscow, Russia, at the prestigious Central House of Artist.

As an abstract expressionist, Federovís focus on richness of content and conceptuality leads to an unusual depth of feeling. The seemingly formlessness of his art connects to philosophical thought, just as the wildly eccentric colours connect with the fragility of his drawings. The main creative principal is the spontaneous expression of the artistís internal world by means of spontaneous, automatic drawings on canvas. The artist covers the canvas with wide, energetic strokes, "splashing out" streams of "freely flowing colour". The main problem solved by the artist is parity of colours. All else is relevant, including the painting itself, and makes sense only as a recollection of the creative process, left behind on the canvas.


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