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WILLIAM FOREMAN (1939 - 2019)

William Foreman is Britain's foremost palette-knife painter. This is indeed a notable achievement. However, there is also so much more to the work of William Foreman than this brief description implies since Foreman's genius for landscape does not reside in technique alone. Rather, the gift that Foreman possesses is that rare ability to convey the mood, atmosphere and essence of a location with instinctive veracity. To know the work of William Foreman is to understand the difference between representation and revelation. Many artists have the ability to represent a landscape - to faithfully portray the vision before them, often with photographic clarity. However, few artists are able to include their spiritual and psychological responses to that landscape in that same depiction. Fewer still have the talent necessary to communicate this metaphysical sub-text to a wider audience. William Foreman belongs to the select few.

Simon Corbin, Author and Critic, June 2000


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