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By Alex Dymoke | Hay Hill Gallery

Playful, colourful, political, sharp, Roxana Halls’ paintings offer intriguing insights into culture and counter-culture. From the beauty queen taking a nibble out of a flower plucked from her winner’s bouquet, to the glamorous female movie goer caught masticating a piece of popcorn, her paintings have a political bite belied by their candied aesthetic. The dramatic, elaborately composed awkward moments subvert the demure poses expected of women, and explicitly refer to recent controversies such as the “Women who eat on tubes” Facebook group.

Frequently appearing in the National Portrait Gallery’s annual exhibition of young painters’ work, and last year a finalist in the Winter Pride International Art Award, Halls’ achievements are especially impressive considering she’s mostly self taught.

For years Halls has painted in the disused bar of a 1930s theatre. It was here that various sitters came to be painted for Appetite. Halls painted actors Kelly-Anne Lyons and Leah Muller as well as model Dani Smith. She also used self-portraiture.

Hay Hill Gallery 35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN
020 7486 6006 Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10.30-6, Saturday 11-5



Artist Roxana Halls in conversation with Nicola Jennings June 23, 2020

Video (15:49): Artist Roxana Halls in conversation with Nicola Jennings about laughter, self-portraiture, and her work in relation to the art of Judith Leyster, Rembrandt, Goya, Dürer and Giovanni Bellini. Video by Colnaghi Foundation, 2020.


BBC Radio 4, 'Only Artists', Actor Katherine Parkinson meets artist Roxana Halls.

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