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Graham High’s North Sea paintings are a continuation of his earlier series Sea Passages. The artist’s interest lies in the perceptions of our surroundings and the sensations they trigger subconsciously. The viewer is allowed access to High’s personal point of reference, seeing through a periscope these new lands on the other side of the gallery wall. With names such as As If The Land Lost Concentration and The Persistent Illusion, the canvases are an attempt to make the ephemeral into something concretely understood. Using different textures and unexpected shapes, these are visions of reality as seen by the human eye; much felt, not necessarily materialised with an awareness of peripheral vision.

Graham High is an artist, poet and sculptor who lives and works in London. He graduated in Fine Art from Leeds University in 1973. His work features in private collections all over Britain, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia, Australia and Kenya. His works are on public display and in several permanent collections including Leeds University; British Museum of Natural History;  Museum of Modern Art, Riga, Latvia; Museum of Childhood, Halifax; Museum of Ohio, USA; Museum of Natural Sciences, Taiwan; Swindon Urban Council; The Great Orme Nature Reserve, North Wales; Ourense Municipal Gallery, Spain.


E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com