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ICELANDSCAPES - 04.04.11 - 07.05.11

In April 2011 Hay Hill Gallery presents the group show of works by contemporary artists from Iceland. The exhibition revolves around the landscape, one of the major themes in Icelandic art, depicted in photographic works and paintings.

It is no wonder that having been brought up in a land of fire and ice and formed by it, artists from Iceland have a very different vision and approach to the creative process. The exhibition demonstrates the mutual penetration of art into landscape and the landscape into artists’ minds. 

For painter Tolli, landscape is an arena where everything of consequence happens; each event affecting changes in the landscape.

Gudrun Kristjansdottir’s personal view on nature evolves around the constant weather and light changes in Iceland.

London based photographer Iris Thorsteinsdottir shows a series of works which were shot in either a window, or a sheet of glass that was carried in one arm, with the camera held in the other.

Another photographer, Bjargey Olafsdottir works with symbols which have come into being, either in the artist’s dreams, or have sprung into her consciousness between sleeping and waking.

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