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Sergey and Olga Kamennoy are the couple of artists working together under a pseudonym "KAMU Sergey & Olga" for more than 15 years. From 2003 they work and live in France, near Paris.

Sergey is Ukrainian, was born in the city of Kharkov in 1959 in the artist’s family.

From 1974 to 1978 he studied at the Art school, from 1978 to 1983 - at the Academy of Art, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Olga is Russian, was born in Moscow in 1978. She is a President of the International Association ADECA (art and cultural exchange).

Olga and Sergey are the Laureates of Kandinsky Prize (Moscow), the Members of the Artists Union of France.

They work with the art galleries in France (Paris, Honfleur, Courchevel, Saint Paul de Vence), UK and USA.

Awarded by the Medal of the Paris City for the contribution to the culture of France.

During his studies at the Art school and at the Academy of Art in Kharkov, Sergey discovered that he is color-blind. He excelled in drawing, engraving and etching during this period and built a successful career in drawing and as photograph. His collaboration with Olga consists today of working together on a different projects and on every piece of art. They also work on the contemporary drawings and photographs and participate in the exhibitions all over the world.

"Art KAMU combines male and female - yin and yang, combining delicate feminine image with brutal scenes of battles or hunting. Yin - a passive, receptive, preserving, feminine world. Yan - is primarily active, pass, transforming, masculine world. Yin and Yang is quite natural complement each other, although in a sense opposed to each other.

Through the medieval theme KAMU provided for the women most important role. Dreamer, it goes from the real men’s world to the world of her dreams. Contrast between drawings and delicate female body highlights the vulnerability and fragility of the model.

Medieval stained glass windows and Renaissance portraits, murals fresques de Kvatrochentto and engravings by Durer, profiles on coins and reliefs of Gothic cathedrals, tapestries - had a tremendous impact in creating paintings. Strong influence on the work also had a style «modern», one of the main means of expression is ORNAMENT, the rejection of straight lines and angles in favour of more natural, "natural" lines, the combination of decorative and structural elements of the composition, dynamics and fluidity of form. Background art flatness, embroidered with fine patterns. Contrast to this background is illusory, volumetric interpret image - a woman’s face. Sergei, a fine artist and expert in art history, brings to these works the graphism, creating a new visual language. Olga, being subtle colourist and, simultaneously, a model and muse, create in the paintings unique harmonious way. The eternal themes make these works timeless."

V.A. Rotenberg, art critic

"All the times, the artists inspired with art created in the previous era. Roman art absorbed the aesthetics, techniques, images of art of Antic Greece. Renaissance art was created under the influence of Greece and Rome, Byzantium and the Early Renaissance. Gustav Klimt and Van Gogh absorbed and reinterpreted Japanese prints. Picasso created works under the influence of African sculpture and Russian icons. Strong influence on the Impressionists had the appearance of photography.

The paintings, which are created by artists also rich of the culture and art of the great eras. The works of KAMU giving us the image of a woman, lost in her reverie. The peculiarity of the technique of the artists is a unique technology of preparation of the canvas with the application of several layers of colours and wax, use of gold leafs and combination of acrylic and oil painting. "

A.G. Savitsky, art critic

The artworks of Sergey and Olga are in the collections of:
The State Art Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia
The Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm, Russia
The State Art Museum of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia
The State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia
The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy
The Museum of Tessé, Le Mans, France
The State Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
The Art Museum, Kharkov, Ukraine
Malbork Castle, Poland
The Museum of I.Ajvazovski, Feodosija, Ukraine
The Museum of A.Grin, Feodosija, Ukraine
The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation
The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Russian Fund of Culture
Art Foundation of Russian Federation

Sergey's and Olga's works participated in the following exhibitions:
2012-18   Frederic GOT Fine Art Gallery, Paris, France  (KAMU)
2012-18   Frederic GOT Fine Art Gallery, St Paul de Vence, France  (KAMU)
2012-16   Frederic GOT Fine Art Gallery, Courchevel, France  (KAMU)
2018       Project "The Album of a Discharged Soldier", Photo Festival "Circulation(s)", Paris
2017       "Ukrainian Contemporary Photography ", Cultural Center of Ukraine, Paris
2017       Festival "Rencontres d'Arles", Arles, with the book "The Album of a Discharged Soldier"
2017       "Polycopies" , Paris with the book "The Album of a Discharged Soldier"
2017       PHOTOKYIV with the book "The Album of a Discharged Soldier", Kiev, Ukraine
2017       Forum of the editors with the book "The Album of a Discharged Soldier"
2017       Book Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine with the book "The Album of a Discharged Soldier"
2016       "Contemporary Drawings". PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art with State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Perm, Russia
2012       "ANONIMUS" PERMM Museum, Perm, Russia
2012       “Rodina”, Novosibirsk, Russia
2012       “Rodina”, Krasnojarsk, Russia
2012       “Rodina” PERMM Museum, Perm, Russia
2003-12  Galerie Bartoux, NY, Paris, Honfleur, Cannes, Courchevel, Megeve, Saint Paul de Vence, Singapour (KAMU)
2010        Solo exhibition, Galerie Bartoux, Paris,France (KAMU)
2010        Graphic Biennale "Boomerang", PERMM Museum, Perm, Russia
2010        Exhibition ICONOSTAS. Plessis – Robinson, France
2010        Moscow Fotobiennale 2010. Fotoloft Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009        Landhausgalerie, St. Polten, Austria 
2009        Museum of Oskar Kokoschka, Austria  
2009        City Gallery, Plovdiv, Boulgary
2008        Kandinsky Prize, Moscow, Russia
2008        International Contemporary Art Fair «PulsArt», Le Mans, France (KAMU)
2008        City Museum, Trebic, Czechia 
2007        Solo exhibition, Galerie Bartoux, Honfleur, France (KAMU)
2007        IV International Novosibirsk Biennale of Contemporary graphics, Novosibirsk, Russia
2007        City Museum, Riedlingen, Germany
2007        European Contemporary Art Fair « ART.METZ », Metz, France  (KAMU)
2005        Solo exhibition, Galerie Bartoux, Honfleur, France (KAMU)
2004        Gallery «Brunstingerhof», Beilen, Holland
2001        Gallery  "ART’L", Moscow, Russia
1999-01   Gallery «Nefa», Wels, Austria 
1999-2000 International Art Fair «Art Manege», Moscow, Russia




















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