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Alexey Lyubimkin was born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1963. He graduated as a specialist architect from Sverdlovsk’s Architectural Institute in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Since then he has managed the institute’s Scientific Research department, worked as a professional architect, published the Russian art magazine ‘Russian Gallery’, and was involved with the development and growth of the Artist Centre at Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery. In 2013 he established and now manages Moscow’s Savvinskaya Arts Centre, where he also has a permanent exhibition and a framing shop. He is one of the founders of London’s Hay Hill Gallery, a member of Russian Photo Artists Union and member of the International Journalist Union. His photos are now in private collections worldwide, including Russia, Great Britain, Germany, USA, and Mexico.

Lyumbimkin’s visions borrow from the old technique of tinting images but use a modern myriad of solero hues. This artist’s preoccupation with colour emphasises the importance of noticing beauty- even for the rat race during rush hour. The artist gets us standing in a perfect place, marvelling at those shapes around us, revealing our personal geometry. Rolling out the bridges and streets under our feet like carpets, Lyubimkin invites us in to become an important part of the whole picture, to finally feel like we’re home.

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