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Walera Martynchik was born in Belarus in 1948 and thereby he grew up under Soviet Union rule. In his late teens in 1965 he won a place and a scholarship to study at the Minsk College of art but within a year, regardless of his evident talent he was asked to leave because the works he was starting to produce for student shows were not found acceptable. In 1967 he won a further place and scholarship to study in the mural painting department of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and although he lost his scholarship again for submitting stylistically unacceptable works, and in spite of a nine month period of hospitalization due to stress, he did manage to complete the course in 1972 - by submitting an officially acceptable piece of work! On this basis he was able to start a career as a muralist with a state public art company.

Already in the 1970s, while earning his living as an official muralist, he had begun seriously to develop his own style as an unofficial or underground artist.

Each of his vast canvases is composed of complex structuring and juxtapositional interweaving of clearly defined objects both animate and inanimate. They represent or re-structure the elements of experience not as a continuous reality but as they appear in inner vision.


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