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HANI MAZHAR (1955 - 2022)

Hani Mazhar was born in Iraq in 1955 and discovered painting in his early years. Finding it nearly impossible to freely express himself in the Iraq that was taken over by Saddam Hussein in 1978, he eventually moved to London. As an improvisational painter Mazhar explores the world around him- from the use of red and black he saw in Japan to painting ideas from Sufism.

The artist considers his self-expression to be able to convey a message, saying that ‘the visual has one language, and it is a small world." Perhaps art will never have an impact on a political world, ‘but we have to say something… we cannot all just wait to be controlled. We cannot see something, and feel something, and not express ourselves the way we know best."

Hani Mazhar's work features worldwide in private collections in Japan, Germany, Spain, England, Mexico, Colombia, Syria, Lebanon and Argentina.



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