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In May 2012, Hay Hill Gallery is proud to present the debut gallery exhibition of Jamie McCartney’s work, The Great Wall of Vagina. Challenging and visually striking, this monumental wall sculpture began attracting global interest even prior to its completion. SKIN DEEP also features the world premiere of McCartney’s latest body of work, Physical Photography, which takes a similar approach to honestly depicting the human form and experience. “This is what we are like.” (McCartney)

McCartney’s works often draw on the powerful tools of spectacle and humour – his whimsical titles are not easily forgotten. The Great Wall of Vagina grabs the viewers’ attention and then educates about what normal women really look like. In the Physical Photography series he gives us a new way of looking at the body. SKIN DEEP focuses in on notions of beauty, our personal and societal experience of it and obsession with it, putting us as well as his models under the microscope. The show also features other sculptural works which range from pure aesthetic to pure whimsy, demonstrating the huge range of this dedicated and cerebral British talent as he tackles the most persistent and prevalent subject in art.

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