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  • Visual art and theatre teacher, Hope and Faith Christian School, 2023

  • Film Set Designer for  TV series titled CHOKOLO, Produced by Cyber Creation in collaboration with Zambezi Magic, 2022

  • Book illustrator, World Vision in partnership with Ministry of Education, 2022

  • Community Art teacher, volunteer, Childfund Zambia, 2015-2022

  • Theatre Arts Director, Orange Babies Organisation, 2022

  • Theatre Arts Director, Hope and Faith Christian School, 2022

  • Theatre Arts Director, Zambezi Arts Education Centre, 2021-2022

  • Theatre Arts Director, Hektomeron Project, Romania, 2021

  • Film Set Designer for a film titled MARIA CHRISTU, Real Image Media, 2020

  • Facebook management volunteer, Maternal Health Action, 2021-2022

  • Book illustrator, USAID Let’s Read Project, 2020

  • Arts and Theatre Director, Ngombe PTA School, 2017-2019

  • Designer, Bichisa Woodwork, 2014-2015

Other Art Experience

  • Mclaudy has trained several theatre groups and individual artist in different workshops

  • Visual Art facilitator, Art residency program supported by Bridge of Hope Foundation and UNESCO at MOKOBEKO Prison

  • Visual Art facilitator at African Arts international conference held in Kampala ,Uganda at St Lawrence University where he was supported by Childfund Zambia and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, 2021

  • Guest speaker, Theatre and the Digital Space: online conference 2021, Host professor Mary, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

  • Facilitator, online content distribution; workshop  for community theatre groups by Plan International & USAID, beneficiaries from 10 districts

  • Facilitator, Art & Design: workshop  with children by Assitej Zambia, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Facilitator, Art & Design: workshop by Lyco, Lilongwe, Malawi, 2019, 2020

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • Awarded best theme Art interpreter at a health school festival 2013

  • Awarded best actor at the schools national theatre festival 2014

  • Awarded best Drama director for primary school at the schools national festivals 2019

  • Acknowledged as a great emerging theatre director || for being part of the longest play in history “The Hekto Meron “theatre production  directed by 100 directors from 100 countries||the play was adopted by UNESCO

  • Awarded a third prize at the theatre exposed contest held in Ukraine ||2022

  • Awarded the GRAND PRIX AWARD at the Starts of the Albion held in London, UK, 2023

Previous Art Exhibitions

  • Cump Bank (2016), Lions Club Meeting, supported by Childfund Zambia Chongwe Federation

  • Ethiopia ,(2017)

  • Zambian and Design Show 2017-2019

  • Cairo, Egypt (2018) – Nepad Peace Conference

  • Beijing ,China (2019)

  • USA, (2019)

  • Harare, Zimbabwe (2019) Southern African Arts Festival, Harare

  • Zimbabwe (2020) – Let Them Trust Arts Festival

  • Kampala, Uganda (2021) International African Arts Conference supported by Childfund Zambia and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts

  • Ukraine (online exhibition) 2022 – Theatre Exposed Contest

  • Brazil (online exhibition) 2022 - Stop Ecocide, Start Good Living, a climate change based project

Upcoming art exhibition For 2023

  • Painting in hospital Art Expo: Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

  • Along the rail a Zambia Tanzania Art Research and Exhibition


The Art Residency Program at Mukobeko Maximum Prison, working with female inmate,
supported by Bridge of Hope Foundation, UNESCO & National Arts Council




The community visual Art workshop supported by Assitej Zambia and Assitej Cuba


Training craft men and women from Pakati Market (Sunday market),
a workshop supported by the Ministry of Ttourism and Culture


Training community theatre groups from Lusaka, Kasama, Livingstone, Kitwe, Mfurira and Chingola,
a 10 days workshop: supported by Plan International, SAID, ZCHP and ZAPOTA


The Art Exhibition and Art Conference at St Lawrence University, Kampala, Uganda / Micheal Angelo.
Art Academy Entebe, Uganda, supported by Childfund Zambia and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture 2021



During a visual art workshop and exhibition at
Kamuzu Banda Sports Complex, Lilongwe, Malawi, 2020


Theatre and Arts Conference,
Makerere University, 2022


Community Art engagement with volunteers from
Orange Babies Organisation, Lusaka, 2022


ITAC; International Teaching Artist Collaborative meeting


Community Art with the children of Chongwe District supported by Childfund Zambia



Interacting with the Minister of Tourism and Arts
at the Art Business Forum organised
by National Arts Council

Community Art with the Youths

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