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Ilia Petrovic was born in 1962 in Newcastle of Serbian/Italian descent and raised in Suffolk.

After leaving Chelsea School of Art in 1995 and running a small successful interior design company, Ilia Petrovic began to increasingly focus on his first passion - painting.

He developed a fascination for colours and textures inspired by cosmology and microcosm, nature, cinematic special effects but mostly inspired by music and lyrics.

Ilia works on large canvasses, diptychs and triptychs using acrylic and oils with vanishes and resins to create glossy multi layered flowing images on a matt background. The final effect is a volcanic three dimensional blown glass feel in two dimensions. The intricate images formed can be interpreted in many personal and subjective ways. Whether vibrant or sombre he enjoys experimenting with colours and the way they combine to give the effect he is looking for.

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