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Born in U.K. from Turkish Cypriot father and Italian mother.
Studied Graphic design Kingston College of Art & Design
Distinction Degree at Kent university in Fine art and Illustration.

'Graduating from University of Kent Arts with 1st class honours my career has taken me around the world illustrating, painting for every advertising agency and brand corporative client creating a myriad of images and products, from 96/48 sheets advertising posters to portrait of the Ruler of Dubai and 16 of his beloved thoroughbred race horses. My fashion work is also featured on the spring/summer collection of Huxley and Cox luxury leather bags.

25+ years of 'pure joy of painting' have brought me to an incredibly exciting period in my career where my work is about to feature on a Channel 4 documentary plus being asked to be artist in residence at the Rock for Humanity Awards at the Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo.

As artists we feel the desire to connect our feelings through our art. I paint because it quells the burning fire within me to communicate my passions, background and life. I want to bring beauty into our sometimes unforgiving world. To leave my viewer with a sense of belonging, love and wonderment. I reflect my multicultural upbringing, it’s colours, messages and history. Fusing my Italian renascence to my mystic Arabic life.

To leave a lasting memory of love through my art is my eternal dream.' - Metin Salih

2023 Makowski Gallery - group show, Wuhan, China
2023 Makowski Gallery - group show, Shanghai
2022 Makowski Gallery – ArtBasel, group show
2022 Makowski Gallery - group show, Hamptons, New York
2021 Piggalle Gallery – Scope, Art Basel, solo show
2020 Solo Show, Leo Burnett advertising agency
2020 Solo show, New York Fashion Week
2019 Solo show, Saatchi & Saatchi
2018 Solo show, Exposure London
2016 Artist in Residence at Hotel Hermitage, Monte Carlo
2016 Nina Naustal Fashion Week, Fashion Portraits
2015 Pop up exhibition, Kings Rd at Ghost
2015 Joint show at Hay Hill Gallery
2015 Solo Show - Fashion/Living Icons Portraits, The Brick Lane Gallery
2014 Semi permanent Exhibition Abu Dhabi - Ruler of Dubai plus his thoroughbred races horses
2013 Solo Show - Art & Advertising, Leo Burnett Advertising Agency
2012 Solo Show - Power of the Figure Exposure PR/Brand London
2011 Solo Show-Long forgotten Art of drawing, Arc London Agency
2010 Joint Show - Life Drawing, Hesketh Hubbard Society, Mall Gallery
2009 Joint Show - Life drawing, Hesketh Hubbard Society, Mall Gallery
2008 Joint Show – ‘Artvertising', DMB&B Advertising Agency

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