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NIKOLAI SILIS (1928 - 2018)

Nikolai Silis (06/06/192813/11/2018) was born in Moscow, Russia, USSR as Rufim Andreevich Silis. Nikolai Silis was a Russian artist, draftsman and sculptor, and an influential voice in twentieth century Russian art. He was the youngest in creative group "LeSS" (1954-1968) , where are along with him was part of Vadim Sidur (1924-1986) and Vladimir Lemport (1922-2001). The group name was made of the first letters of the names of participants. Nikolai Silis also was an actor, known for Vecher na Ivana Kupala (1968), Begushchaya po volnam (1967) and A Well for the Thirsty (1987).

Silis has always been a trail-blazer and an innovator, the master of unique artistic expression. His art was not widely known or appreciated during the Soviet era because it was out of step with the official aesthetic. Yet Silis, a powerhouse of creative energy, laboured on, undaunted by the realisation that his works may never reach the mass viewer.

He died in Moscow, Russia.


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