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Rachel Ann Stevenson is a London based artist who takes on elements of taxidermy, bronze casting and antique findings to create her unusual sculptures. These works could be straight from a Tim Burton movie, the pages of Lewis Carroll, or an old shop full of dark curiosities. One mouse lies curled up on a tiny velvet cushion, his glass jar is lit by a miniature lantern; Odin’s ravens Thought and Memory are embodied as corseted stocking capped women, with particularly beaky noses; Loveless Bird is a melancholic exchange between a fairy-like creature and the sparrow, dead at her feet.

The artist writes: “In my work I try to capture the impossible the swirling mist of a dreamers mind, as artists we are day dreamers and our business is capturing the impossible, holding on to it and showing it to the world…. artists visit the same themes over and over, as it is almost impossible to capture our own absorbing and beguiling thoughts, it's like trying to catch mist with a net. This is what keeps me up through the night leaping through the swirling fog of my unconscious mind with a net and a bucket, determined to return home with the impossible silence of these part imagined part remembered places.”

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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com