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Spar Street is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work explores the essence of being truly alive and deeply engaged with the world around us. His artworks examine and express our highest ideals and motivations, from the visceral to the spiritual. Life-force, spiritual awakening and our highest personal and societal aspirations are represented in form, stroke and colour. His revolutionary artistic work has been interpreted as abstract, a dance for the senses, a recreation of light, and a manifestation of love.

The sculptures are made by lines that reflect the flow of life force energy. These lines are primordial and intrinsic to our nature. An important element is the heart symbol. Heartís structure reflects the fact that there is nothing more grounded than living our lives.

Spar Street was born in 1963. He studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design of Vancouver and also at Chicago Institute of Art. He currently lives and works in the USA.

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