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Artist Statement

Igor Tcholaria is a Georgian painter widely represented in European galleries as well as in the galleries of the United States of America.

At the same time, the artist never left his sculpture studies. He constantly returned to this topic, and recently began to work in this direction on a regular basis. This is due to the appearance of the Belgian manager Mr Djalal Zavieh, who owns the California foundry that casts high-quality bronze.

Tcholaria has already created a whole series of original works. Stylistically, they are closely related to the paintings of his later period, where the plasticity of forms is combined with spontaneous freedom of expression. The sculptures are produced in limited editions. Each has a serial number and a California foundry mark.

In addition to artistic merit, the sculptures are distinguished by an exclusive patina. It perfectly imitates marble and malachite and is created according to the original technology of Mr Zavieh.

Currently, Tcholaria's sculptures are actively in demand in Belgium and Holland. In the UK they are presented for the first time.

Igor Tcholaria

H614 – "Obsession", Small Size


H614 –  "Obsession", Small Size


H615 – "Obsession", Big Size


H616 – “To Be or Not To Be” Big Size


H618 – “To Be or Not To Be” Small Size


H619 - "Music of Desire"


H620 – “Lady On The Top”


H621 - "The General"


H632 - "Music is Freedom"


H633 - "The Music Flies"
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