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Amir Timergaleev as an artist and personality has long been named among the major figures of the latest European art trend. His creative path is inseparable from that of the late 20 century generation and can be defined as “free figurativeness”. Amir’s art idiom has absorbed, embodied and expressed the whole range of creative issues of the turn of the century with its search for a new artistic ethics and new reality. Amir Timergaleev has been recognized as a true successor and follower of the classical values shared by Henri Matisse and Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Signac and Mark Chagall, while at the same time never hesitating to enter into a polemic with these idols and art authorities, these intellectual leaders of new art systems. Amir explains the phenomenon of his art as a tendency to exist in several times simultaneously, to travel in time so that his immersions in the past and flights into the future blend naturally. The sophisticated figurativeness of Amir’s painting, the rich texture and originality of his colour and light compositions, which are at the same time natural as breathing, his direct appeal to the modern person - all these testify to the world scope of his artistic personality. He returns the art of the ‘great style’ to our culture, he admits his love for absolute humanitarian values and for all art languages from Leonardo to Van Gogh, and from Van Gogh to Herhard Richter, and further beyond the horizons of the current relevance of the contemporary visual strategies. Amir’s art exists in a paradoxical organic realm viewing the world in fragments while unity is achieved in the context of distinctions. The fragmentary nature of human life, its kaleidoscopic quality, resembling stained-glass panels, is presented as modern harmony in his art.

 By Vitaly Patsukov

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