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'In my art, I draw on my experiences of being a Chinese artist trained in both Shanghai and London, fusing the two cultural extremes in my work to create something not seen before.

Using traditional Eastern drawing and contemporary Western pop art, I like to fuse culture and social imagery, as well as different techniques and textiles.

My way of working is constantly evolving and is without limits or boundaries as I like to keep things interesting. My artwork marries the traditional and the contemporary and masculine and feminine, while exploring motifs of life and death.

I use the multiple disciplines of illustration, Su Xiu embroidery, graphic, fashion and textile design in combination with conflicting, unexpected mediums such as silk and plastic.

From intricately embellishing silk fabrics and delicate traditional Chinese illustrations with dramatically contrasting surfaces and texture, to the creation of bold Warhol-esque pieces, I create continually changing work that is, I think, conceptual and beautiful, subtle and striking, and gentle and dramatic at the same time.' Jacky Tsai


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E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com