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Oleg Tyrkin was born in 1965 in Vladimir, Central Russia. His first experience in art came in the early 1980s when Oleg began working as an independent artist. At the same time, after studying at the Aviation Institute, he became a military helicopter pilot. While in the Air Force, he continued to draw. After being demobilized in the mid-1980s, Oleg travelled to Moscow to find himself as an artist. Shortly afterwards, Oleg began to find his first clients and patrons. Within two months, Oleg mastered the techniques of oil painting, which remains his favoured medium. He has always worked almost without sketches, directly on the canvas.

By the end of the 1980s Oleg had his first exhibition in France, which proved a great success. His work was exhibited alongside such late-Soviet greats as Ilya Kabakov, Vladimir Yankilevsky and Vladimir Nemukhin. It was an important exposure for Oleg but importantly, he retained his own personal style with great consistency.

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