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Pedro Pablo Valdés Bunster, well-known as Palolo Valdés, was born in Santiago, Chile on the 1st July 1956. He is a sculptor and painter. He has carried out three individual exhibitions of painting and more than twenty of sculpture in Santiago, New York, Paris, Athens and Madrid. He is an author of twenty monumental works for public and institutional spaces in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, United States and Madrid.

Palolo Valdés is an sculptor whose work is giving life to wires and iron like structure of his sculptures, "filling up" the spaces with ceramics, stone, metal or draws resin. It increases the expression on his sculptures and acquires therefore an ancestral aspect. His work is inspired by pieces of the art history as well as mythical universal history personages, as well as horses and bulls.

"In Santiago, Chile, Palolo Valdés would be considered as close to a celebrity as visual artists get. His sculptures have been selected by past presidents as gifts of state. He is a newsmaker who constantly appears in the society pages of local magazines and newspapers. Yet outside of Chile, I don't think Palolo is as well recognized as his unique contribution to sculpture should allow.

I first met Palolo when he was living in New York City in 1983. I lost touch with him for years but contacted him on a trip to Chile in 1994. The raw power of several of his sculptures blew me away. Palolo casts aluminium and bronze over river rocks held together with steel armatures. The result is a primitive looking form that appears to have been sculpted by Vulcan himself and erupted onto the face of the earth." - Brant Kingman

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