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Valentin Zenkovsky was born in Moscow in 1952. He started to paint in early 1970s in his native Moscow as a theatrical painter. There was some theatrics in his paintings since each painting represented a prop. Sometime they looked like a shot from a movie.

Each painting was in line with its own play and with the music, playing in the painter’s head while he was creating composition, mixing colours and putting them on canvas. It required different art techniques and materials. That’s why Valentin used oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolour, coloured pencils, etc., if it helped to achieve the desired result.

His education as a painter he started in the studio of the famous Soviet artist A.I. Laktionov.

From the late 1980s till now Zenkovsky was showing his paintings at various galleries all over the world (more than 300 exhibitions). He sold more than 2000 paintings. Valentin is constantly  looking for new  themes, new art expressive means and working hard to apply the creative approaches in the painting process.

Valentin Zenkovsky has PhD in engineering and he’s the author of 8 textbooks on computer graphics. These related fields of knowledge and skills are also helpful in art creation. He created dozens of films with the use of computer animation. He made some commercials where he used his drawing and colouring skills. He even wrote some stories.


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