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Fashion of Emilia Wickstead in the Hay Hill Gallery
The event took place during the exhibition of Igor Tcholaria and Perdita Sinclair


Anna Bondareva, together with fashion stylist Anna Reeves and art-dealer Marina Sokol, organized a private presentation of the summer collection by New Zealand fashion designer Emilia Wickstead at the Hay Hill Gallery situated in legendary Cork Street in Londonís Mayfair. At the same time an exhibition of works by Igor Tcholaria, a painter from Saint-Petersburg, was shown alongside tremendously elegant sculptures by August Rodin. An unusual cocktail of fine graphically designed dresses by Emilia and the vivid colors and fountains of energy of Igor paintings, in combination with the classic shapes and curves of Rodinís masterpieces, left the audience under a dreamy cloud of the power of creation.

Photos by Michael Upstone

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