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Friday 13 July 2012

THE ART of collecting

Hay Hill Gallery's devotion to art enables collectors from around the world to view and acquire the very best from both past and emerging masters to suit the most eclectic of tastes

Hay Hill Gallery has an enviable position; not just in its location on London's famous Cork Street, but in its place in the eyes and affections of an extensive international clientele. In its 18 years of business, it has built up an excellent reputation for exhibiting and representing a select number of internationally recognised contemporary and modern artists, as well as introducing their work to many interested clients. 'I like knowing that clients are very comfortable and relaxed with us,' says gallery Director Kevin Payne. 'We build up relationships with them over the years and it is interesting to see what different people want from us. We keep our clients very well informed about our new monthly exhibitions, and also organise private viewings and receptions when required.'

The gallery also plays host to a number of receptions for clients who wish to use the beautiful surroundings to showcase products or projects of their own, recognising the appeal of entertaining against such a stunning background. Hay Hill offers a wide selection of paintings by masters such as Dalí, Warhol, Miró and Munch, as well as emerging international contemporaries such as Marialuisa Tadei, McAlpine Miller, Jamie McCartney, Zorikto Dorzhiev and Will Martyr. It prides itself on quality of service, a friendly approachable team and the ability to deliver this service anywhere in the world.

Excellence in art is the byword here, drawing collectors from around the world who recognise that Hay Hill enables them to view and acquire the very best art to suit the most eclectic of tastes. People collect for all sorts of reasons - whether for sheer pleasure or as a judicious investment - and Hay Hill facilitates all approaches. In the past year, the gallery has worked on projects with the Lloyds Club of London, Gordon Ramsey Restaurants, Make a Smile Foundation and Land Securities - the installation of the famous Octopus by Marialuisa Tadei - as well as supplying art to various local and international projects, including work by Candy & Candy.

Image: Stuart McAlpine Miller (b.1964). Encouraged By A Force From Behind, oil on canvas, 81 x 56 cm

'Excellence in art is the byword here, drawing collectors from around the world'

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