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This autumn, Hay Hill Gallery will be hosting a lecture from the executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, Dr. Yaron Brook. As co-author of the Free Market Revolution, Brook believes that Ayn Rand’s individualist philosophy is the cure for our political and economic woes; the main solution to the financial crisis, national debt, inflation and recession. Suggesting that we turn our backs on the accepted code of altruism, he argues the case for a new moral ideal- the capitalist way of life.

The Atlas Shrugged quadrilogy, by sculptor-and fellow Randian- Richard Minns, will provide the perfect illustration to accompany Dr. Brook’s words. This iconic sculptural series is based on the book of the same name, and cast in bronze with a classic rich patination. Interpreting Atlas as one who is finally unable to bear the weight of the world and its freeloaders, Minns’ sculpture is an important social comment. He challenges us to exert our individual force, shatter the state of total collectivism and live freely. This struggle of individualism versus collectivism is not a political ideal but concerns a man’s soul. The idea mirrors Ayn Rand’s beliefs that the individual is of supreme value, the ‘fountainhead’ of creativity, and that selfishness, properly understood as ethical egoism, is a virtue. There will be an exclusive opportunity to meet and chat with this charismatic artist over the course of the evening.

So sign up to join this exciting discussion at Hay Hill Gallery, November 4th 2014, from 6-8pm: Please RSVP to sarah@hayhillgallery.com

Praise for Dr Yaron Brook’s Free Market Revolution:

‘Free Market Revolution will raise the ire of every satirist, socialist and crony capitalist. Rand understood- as do the authors of this all-too-timely book- that free markets are, indeed moral, while Big Government is manifestly not.’ Steve Forbes

‘This book is a must read for anyone concerned about the demonization of capitalism and deification of collectivism. Yaron Brook and Don Watkins meld philosophy with practicality in their cogent analysis of how Ayn Rand’s moral defense of capitalism can bring down the limitless growth of government and restore its original, intended purpose- protection of individual rights.’ Jim M Kilts, former CEO, Gilette Company

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