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Zorikto Dorzhiev's Exhibition Opening in V&A Museum
22nd November 2011

V&A Museum





Zorikto Dorzhiev: 'Steppe Story'

Zorikto Dorzhiev: Steppy Story
Grand Opening at V&A
22 November 2011

Hay Hill gallery presents artworks by one of the most interesting and distinctive contemporary Russian painters Zorikto Dorzhiev. His project Steppe Story discovers the origins of the Buryat culture. Heroes of Zorikto paintings tell us old legends about their nation. 

The opening ceremony will take place on 22 November at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The paintings and sculptures will be exhibited against a spectacular background of the Buryat culture festival, featuring fanciful ethnic art of dance and singing; cuisine and their national costume. This will be enriched by light installations and electronic music.

The talent of Zorikto Dorzhiev is incredibly multi-layered: he has created paintings and sculptures, as well as book illustrations and clothes design. His exhibitions for many years have gained much publicity and appreciation in Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Strasbourg. Sergey Bodrov invited Zorikto to design the costumes for his movie "Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan".

Admission to the grand opening of the Steppe Story at the V&A museum is by invitation only. For more information please contact admin@redsquarepr.com
Exhibition Dates: 23 November- 23 December
Address: Hay Hill Gallery, 5a Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S3NY

Contacts: info@hayhill.com+44 (0) 207 4391001


Exhibition Steppe Story by Russian artist Zorikto Dorzhiev launched in London

On 22 November 2011 an exhibition of works by the renowned Russian artist Zorikto Dorzhiev was solemnly inaugurated at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The launch was attended by Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko, Russian and British art personalities. Zorikto Dorzhiev, born in 1976 in the republic of Buryatia, dedicates his painted, graphic and sculptural works to the life of steppe nomads. He is also an acclaimed costume designer. Zorikto Dorzhievs solo exhibitions have been held in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg as well as the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.

The London exhibition can be viewed until 23 December at Hay Hill Gallery (5a Cork Street, London W1S 3NJ).


Steppe Story. Zorikto Dorzhievs Exhibition
Posted on November 11, 2011 by admin



Steppe Story
Zorikto Dorzhievs Exhibition

23 November 23 December 2011
Grand Opening Gala Reception: 22 November 2011 at V&A (invitation only)
The exhibition Steppe Story will feature over 50 painted, graphic and sculptural works created by Zorikto, one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed artists, from 2005 to 2011: images of warriors and beauties, old men and children, horses and birds, various depictions of genre scenes. On the Grand opening night of The Steppe Story Exhibition by Zorikto, Buryatia Region will come to V&A Museum, London.

To mark the opening of The Steppe Story, Exhibition by Zorikto, Buryatian celebrities will stage a star-studded concert with performances from Albert Kuvesin, the group leader of unique group Yat-Kha, internationally renowned throat singing punk band from Tuva and Lilya Burdinskaya, dancer and choreographer, author of motion technique based on the interaction of breathing and awareness of oneself in space. A hugely unusual and fascinating fashion show featuring national costumes which were used in the Oscar-nominated film Mongol will take place along Zoriktos paintings on which costumes were based. Mini-film featuring Zoriktos paintings made with artists active participation will be shown during the event and Zorikbook, a new luxuriously illustrated album about artists life and work will be on sale. The spectacular extravaganza will be staged at V&A, one of the Worlds best known museums of Fine Art.

About Zorikto
Zorikto Dorzhiev was born in 1976 in Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia a republic of the Russian Federation on the border of Mongolia. In 2002 he graduated magna cum laude from the Institute of Fine Arts in Krasnoyarsk (Western Siberia). Zorikto Dorzhiev is well known in Russia where solo exhibitions have been held in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg as well as the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Tibet House, New York, private collections (Jos Manuel Duro Barroso, President of the European Commission, Guy Lalibert, Cirque du Soleil and so on). He also has a growing international reputation in London, Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg and in Taipei as well as Beijing. The artist is represented in UK and around the world by the celebrated Moscow gallery Khankhalaev since 2005.

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