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Timur Akhmedov
The Artist From Uzbekistan

Press Release
4 August to 6 September 2003

Timur Akhmedov is an Uzbek artist who has participated in more than 40 exhibitions in Uzbekistan, England, Scotland, Germany, and Russia. His works are characterised by high tension in the harmony of colour, which seems to be clear and simple only at first sight. However, Akhmedov’s art very often contains elements of implicit symbolism.

Timur Akhmedov was born in 1968 in Tashkent. He has graduated from the Republican College of Arts in Tashkent and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. In 1992 Akhmedov started to participate in numerous exhibitions both in Uzbekistan and abroad, including the United Kingdom. In November 1997 the artist won Grand Prix on the International Biennale of Asian Art. Akhmedov is a member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

Timur Akhmedov’s creative work could be assimilated to philosophic and meditative trend of artistic thought which has become specific to the art of Uzbekistan. Artists following this trend not only reflect upon the aspects of existence, but also express emotions and spiritual processes such as meditation, prayer, spiritual enlightenment, and so on; they turn to Oriental philosophies and religions. What is important for Akhmedov in his works is not the action, but the emotional inner state of the character in the first place. The artist employs the traditions of Oriental philosophies not only in the external drawing and plastic forms, but also in conveying the state of mind of a character profoundly absorbed in himself. In this regard, a specific genre of a picture-image can be distinguished.

Akhmedov has created a series of unusual portraits, which speaks of a certain paradox of the genre. The artist denies his characters’ individual and personal qualities: he is keen to create a generalised image.

The artist’s view upon the objects of a still life is quite interesting. He employs primitivistic techniques and creates exaggeratedly plane images. The objects are deprived of tangibility, they are given features of something light-weight and even weightless, and the decorative gracefulness is emphasized.

Akhmedov’s paintings show the tendency towards playing with the form and the models. With the feeling of both irony and sincere admiration he paints female heads, apparition-like figures, brightly coloured elephants and horses. In almost all of his works he uses the geometric pattern of colour squares, which produces monothematic effect, and becomes an interesting device employed by the artist, having acquired the significance of a universal ornament.

Timur Akhmedov’s works are held in many international private and corporate collections. Among the collectors of his creations are the famous musician Seal, Dr M.W.J. Smurfit, Prince Albert of Monaco and the Kildare Hotel & Country Club, Ireland.


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