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35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN
29 June - 25 July 2015
Private View: Tuesday 30th June 2015, 6-8pm

Zoe Benbow
'A Different View'

Hay Hill Gallery is proud to present the third personal exhibition of a series of new works by the British artist Zoe Benbow.

Zoe Benbow’s paintings evolve from linear landscape drawings made in situ out in remote environments. Yet through studio practice and engagement with the process of paintingthe canvases become as much a meditation on a geology of association and memory as of actual place.

 The paintings move freely between abstraction and reference, self-containment and randomness, weaving a complex aesthetic language, which eventually crystallises in a highly resolved picture plane. Here, no traditional perspective is employed and the image – tightly balanced at a point of maximum tension – remains in continuous flux. When looking at the paintings things aren’t always as they first appear – that which we perceive as foreground can rotate to background and vice-versa. In the shifting nature of the image our spatial position as observer is subverted, implying the possibility of time and narrative as we navigate the canvas.

 These paintings are sophisticated and multi layered images intended to be read and enjoyed over a long period of time.

Patrick Altes
'Frayed Ideologies'

Patrick Altes was born in Algeria shortly before it became independent and, as a child, was part of the exodus toward France. He has lived for long periods of time in different countries, and is currently based in England. He also has Spanish heritage.

‘Frayed Ideologies', Altes' latest body of work, invites us to consider the struggle to define ourselves, and the process of being human. The work relates to the melting pots and breaking points of land, conflict, and diaspora. It refers to our living in times of extreme turbulence and instability – both political and environmental - and heralds dreams and resurgences from the unconscious linked to the artist's personal vision and perception of the world.

Hay Hill Gallery also presents a sculpture collection which features works by Eleanor Cardozo, Nicola Godden, Richard L.Minns, Andy Cheese, Jamie McCartney, Ian Edwards, Gianfranco Meggiato, Alfonso & Massimiliano Cacchiarelli Principi, David Mayer, Roland Piché, Palolo Valdés, Sam Shendi, Ruurd Hallema, and Oleg Prokofiev.

With the compliments of Hay Hill Gallery, the pleasure of your
company is requested to attend the private view of the exhibition
on Tuesday 30th June 2015, 6-8pm
at Hay Hill Gallery, 35 Baker Street, London W1U 8EN
rsvp@hayhillgallery.com, 020 7935 5315


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