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Maurizio Camatta
'Into The Wild'

4 - 30 April 2016

Maurizio Camatta was born in Veneto, Italy. As an abstract expressionist his use of colour appears haphazard, provoking an emotional response in the viewer. These are dust explosions, rockets blazing through the layers of atmosphere, rainy skies and steamed up windows.

Shaping the material with rational and informal gestures, the artist explores the emotional power of colour in his landscapes. By entering into the soul of the things, it describes the sensory implications accompanying the observer in a suggestive inevitable reaction. The image becomes the unconscious language through which to communicate their feelings. With the colours, Maurizio Camatta expresses all the force of the air, the wind and the breath of life that wants to wipe out the deepest troubles of the human soul.

Hay Hill Gallery also presents a group show of the gallery artists and old master paintings alongside the wide sculpture collection of contemporary and modern masters including bronzes of Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin.


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