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Galleries Magazine, November 2013

New Spaces ...

When it was first established in 2002 the Hay Hill Gallery also dealt solely in Russian art but, they then changed direction in 2007 to specialise in International and British Art. Now they have moved to a much larger and more imposing space in a former furniture showroom in Baker Street where, this month, they are showing Ukrainian painter Galyna Moskvitina's boldly abstract The Sparkles Series', full of rippling abstract patterns of light. It is, interestingly, the first large gallery space I can think of ever having been in this part of London. Given Hay Hill were in Mayfair before is this the beginning of a movement to the north of Oxford Street parallel to that happening further east? ...

This is London, Friday 15 November 2013, Issue 2869



Space of Light, a solo exhibition of works by Ukrainian born artist Galyna Moskvitina will run until the end of November at the newly opened Hay Hill Gallery, 35 Baker Street, W1.

Featuring the Laternative Realism style founded by the artist herself, Moskvitina's paintings are the radiant result of a 15 year immersion into Eastern Philosophy. As one of the best graphic artists in the Ukraine, Moskvitina was the first to illustrate Bulgakov's literary masterpiece The Master and Margarita before leaving it all behind in favour of finding her own spiritual path. She now returns over a decade later with this series of remarkably beautiful works that lend us visions of a heightened awareness.

Although Moskvitina's works have previously been auctioned at Bonhams and MacDougalls, many are in private collections as meditative pieces. Opening up an unusual window to the soul, each piece strikes a silvery chord in our spirits, tuning us into this true 'light' nature. Laternative Realism derives its name from 'lantern' and 'nature'. With its glittering jewels, snowflake prisms, cracked ice and smashed glass, the Space of Light is an aside from the kind of subjective art that is designed to shock or scandalise. The spiritual teachings of Gurdjieff define authentic art as deliberate, premeditated in its approach, never accidental - and although these paintings appear abstract or ethereal, there is a deeply resonating script in the core.

Hay Hill Gallery also exhibits many dynamic sculptural works and is currently presenting the bronzes of Richard Minns for a limited period. Influenced by biblical narrative and Greek myth, Minns' sculptures take on stories of shining heroes and their crippling power struggles. The opposition between man and the gods, men and women, mortality and immortality are recurring themes described by these striking figures. His latest project, the Atlas Shrugged series brings the Objectivist ideals of Ayn Rand to life. In single-minded pursuit of Rand's Individualist way of living, Minns himself has proved to be the irrepressible master of reinvention, continuously journeying from one successful venture to another. Legendary as a boxing champion and a rodeo competitor, famous as a multimillionaire tycoon, he is as tall in reality as the tales appear.

Entering the light-filled glass-walled space of Hay Hill Gallery is like stepping through Alice's mirror into a strange world existing parallel to ours. This is an eye-opening show that illuminates anxious feelings of being at odds with ourselves and our surroundings, offering a shimmering glimpse of wholeness, reminding us of something other that is already deeply known by our innermost selves.

Hay Hill Gallery is at 35 Baker Street, W1U SEN. For further information, telephone 020 7486 6006 or visit the website www.hayhillgallery.com

E-mail: info@hayhillgallery.com