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Summer Exhibitions of 2002
Oleg Nefedkin, Timur Akhmedov, Svetlana Kourmaz, Alexander Sokht


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Photographs by Valery Konevin

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The Mayfair Times, August 2002
Page 1: Art & Antiques - Ikra and the Hay Hill Gallery introduce a series of contemporary Russian artists.
Page 8, Section Art & Antiques:

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At the bottom of the picture: Deep colour meets image-symbol: Svetlana Kourmas, A Horse, oil on canvas, 2002

Symbol centre stage
COLOUR AND SYMBOL play key roles in the latest exhibition at another gallery set up to exhibit modern Russian work, Hay Hill.
      The gallery, in the street of the same name, focuses on realism but also shows painters who work in radically different styles. Although modern, the artists pay homage to academic traditions.
      The three artists in the current exhibition include Svetlana Kourmas, whose work is guided by "metaphysical realism", where a deep colour is combined with an image-symbol. She has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK.
      European and Asian cultural traditions meet, with turquoise, warm ochre and cold red creating a "musical" space, in the paintings of Timur Akhmedov, who comes from Uzbekistan. A winner of the Grand Prix Asia-Art, he has shown his work at more than 40 exhibitions.
      Alexander Sokht's intimate pictures, notable for their irony, delicacy, feeling for colour and accurate stylisation, are based on the search for abstract symbolism and for the "inner child".
      Hay Hill opened in May as a joint venture between Russian company Art Service Centre and British firm Sirin.
      The current exhibition runs until 17 August, with another Russian artist, S Plutenko, on display from 19 August to 28 September.

We have some changes to the dates of the exhibitions made when this article was in print:
      Svetlana Kourmas, Timur Akhmedov, Alexander Sokht - 23 July to 14 September 2002;
      Stanislav Plutenko - 16 September to 19 October 2002;
      Vera Pavlova, Galina Rusak - 21 October to 23 November 2002.

Photo Report from the Reception of 23 July 2002

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