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Contemporary Summer Show


7 June 2003

26 May – 2 August 2003
Works by contemporary Russian artists
The Hay Hill Gallery proudly presents paintings of the selected leading contemporary Russian masters, namely, Stanislav Plutenko, Tatiana and Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov, Vera Pavlova, Yury Krasavin, Galina and Dmitry Grigorovich, and others.

Stanislav Plutenko is a 42-year-old artist from Moscow, whose works were already introduced to the British public in 1996. Plutenko’s own original method of painting is the mixed technique with use of oil, tempera, acrylic, and watercolours, is skilfully supplemented by masterly application of an "air brush" and the finest glazing by transparent paints. He plays on colour contrasts; his painting is very vigorous, illustrative and imbued through by sarcasm on the reality. Plutenko’s pictures stimulate in the spectators the scale of feelings, down to the protest, but not the indifference.

Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov, an artist from Kaluga, applies a very unusual technique in his work – he uses tempera on canvas. In 2001 the artist was awarded the 5th Prize on the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy. He and his wife, Tatiana Zhemchuzhnikova, who is also an artist, have participated in a number of exhibitions in Russia, USA and Switzerland.

Vera Pavlova started to participate in exhibitions in 1977, as soon as she graduated from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, and immediately gained the recognition. Pavlova is famous for her illustrations in children’s books; each of those is quite unique. She pays amazing attention to the special ways that children perceive things and creates images, which convey the author’s hidden meanings. All of her works confirm the artist’s belief in the parallel dimensions of life.

Yury Krasavin is an artist from Moscow who has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia, France, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Cyprus, Holland and Czech Republic. His works strike with the breadth of creative researches and they are the synthesis of the academic approach, iconography and modernism. They bring us to the world of mystery and mysticism. Yury Krasavin is a member of the International Federation of the Artists (UNESCO).

Dmitry Grigorovich combines in his paintings traditions and an acute feeling of the present. His paintings are based on the pyramid of classic art possessing the technique of Old Masters. Although, at the same time Grigorovich does not use complex compositions with a great number of characters. At the works of the artist people reveal some striking situations and characters, which are dear to their own feelings.

Works of Dmitry’s wife, Galina Grigorovich, bring the feeling of self-appraisal of the artist’s style, an increasing number of decorative tendencies, an inclination for a great colour saturation, cheerfulness, and passion for the beauty of the world.

Russian Mirror, No.36, June 11, 2003

Plutenko's Podium

Stanislav Plutenko's vivid paintings are on show and for sale at the Hay Hill Gallery, 11b Hay Hill, Mayfair, London



Russian Mirror, No.36, June 11, 2003, No.37, June 25, 2003
New works by Dmitry Grigorovich
June will see a portrait series of horses by Siberian born painter Grigorovich. His paintings are based on the pyramid of classic art possessing the technique of Old Masters.
Also showing: Moscow born, Stanislav Plutenko whose work first came to London in 1996 and was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Compared to Dali by some critics, as well as having a 'magical fantasy' style.
Hay Hill Gallery, 11b Hay Hill, Mayfair. Tel: 020 7629 1910

METRO, Monday, July 14, 2003, Page 31
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(020 7629 1910)
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Contemporay Summer Show.
Works by contemporary Russian artists.
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm, ends Aug 2, free


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