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The Exhibition 'Surregailism'
1 March – 1 April 2010
Corrado Gai - Works
Auguste Rodin - Sculptures
Posthumous Cast (1999-2000)
5a Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S 3NY


A solo show of Corrado Gai

Monday 1st March – Thursday 1st  April 2010
Private view 4 March 2010, 6pm - 9pm

  • ‘Surregailism' pairs the works of Italian artist Corrado Gai with an iconic private collection of Auguste Rodin bronzes in the new exhibiting space of the Hay Hill Gallery at 5a Cork Street, London W1

  • The Rodin posthumous bronzes are cast from the foundry plasters

  • Exhibition - Monday 1st March – Thursday 1st April 2010

The new movement ‘Surregailismo’ born out of crisis
The critically acclaimed and award winning artist Corrado Gai, born in Leghorn (Livorno), Tuscany-Italy, on the 8th March 1977, is creating quite a storm on the continent with his new movement ‘Surregailism’. On exhibit will be over thirty of his new works showing for the first time in London, at the newly relocated Hay Hill Gallery at 5a Cork Street from Monday the 1st of March and runs until the 1st of April 2010.

Surregailism, is a brand new word, invented by the artist himself to highlight the authenticity and originality of his paintings as well as the uniqueness of his linguistic and expressive codes. One could recognize a Gai painting amongst the thousands of others. Its peculiarities are the special use of colour and material, the use of “wounds” and “tears”, the personal and bold pictorial gestures, the synthesis skills that allow the painter to combine into just one image Surrealism, Expressionism, social Realism and Existentialism. This sense of unity is achieved in a free way, without any constraint or academic and intellectual influences. Priority is given to the instinctual component of Gai’s art, trying to escape from any artificial definition. Corrado Gai always succeeds in being himself in overcoming the fear of conventions, in putting all that he feels and perceives as an important and useful message on canvas. A kind of new painting seems to take shape with Carrodo Gai: new for its extraordinary ability in connecting historical avant-gardes with topical problems. New in a kind of stylistic expression in which pictorial gesture and matter overcome tradition and propose a modern and lively language. New in the aims and purposes that it addresses to contemporary man, to the society of our hard times, a society that is prey to uncontrolled consumerism and to wild globalisation without stable reference or truly universal values. In the context of this reality Corrado Gai’s art wants to be a denunciation and, at the same time, a proposal of values and alternative truth, thanks to its harshness and truth. The artist from Leghorn, though so young, seems to rise to the status of creator and leader of a different and more authentic way of expression that with great strength and conviction wants to propose a marked change for new generations. This change is like a return to one’s origins, to that simple life that still believes in emotions and feelings, to mankind and to its capacities, to the beauty of nature and to the immense lightness of poetry.

Corrado Gai took part in numerous national and foreign exhibitions, receiving prizes and awards for his artistic contributions:
 2004 Premio Rotonda, Leghorn
 2005 Bottini dell’Olio, Leghorn 
 2005 “Studio Logo” Art Gallery, Rome
 2006 XXI Edition of “Italy for Visual Arts” Award, winning a special “under 30” award, Certaldo (Florence)
 2006 “A drop of Art”, Pieve a Nievole (PT)
 2006 “The wild boar”, Larciano (PT)
 2006 XXIV Edition of “Florence Award”, Florence
 2007 “Il Candelaio” Art Gallery, Florence
 2007 XXII Edition of “Italy for Visual Arts”, winning a special explanatory award, Certaldo, Florence
 2007 XXII Edition of “Italy for Visual Arts”, winning a special publishing award, Certaldo, Florence
 2007 Piombino, Leghorn
 2007 Rotonda Prize , Leghorn
 2007 Mattarello – Trento
 2008 XXIII Edition of “Italy for Visual Arts”, winning a special explanatory award, Certaldo, Florence
 2008 XXIII Edition of “Italy for Visual Arts”, Certaldo, Florence
 2008 Palazzo della Cultura - San Vincenzo (LI)
 2008 Correggio in Arte - Reggio Emilia
 2008 Palazzo Pretorio - Campiglia Marittima (LI)
 2008 “Agorà” gallery- Piombino (LI)
 2008 Rotonda Prize – Leghorn
 2008 Cultural association Maria Luisa Tosi - Leghorn
 2008 III Internetional Prize “Boè”,winning a special explanatory award - Palermo
 2009 Gallery in Villa - Castiglioncello (LI)
 2009 Palazzo Appiani - Piombino (LI)
 2009 Klaipeda - Liuthania
 2009 Rotonda Prize - winning the 1° Prize "Daniela Nenci" about sculpture - Leghorn

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