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Exhibition of Amir Timergaleev
February 2006


Amir Timergaleev was born in Kazan, southeast of Moscow, in 1955. He started his education as a painter in the Kazan Art School at the age of just fifteen, moving on to the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. He became absorbed in School of Paris painters, particularly Matisse and CÚzanne, and became aware of the contribution made to modernism by the Russian masters Kandinsky and Malevich. He was particularly inspired by the links Kandinsky forged between music and colour.

By his mid-twenties he was a veteran of the Republic and All-Union Exhibition, and of shows sponsored by the Artists' Union, and was already beginning to be known as far afield as India, Germany and the UK. His work was noted in M.M.Kurilko and His Disciples, the definitive study of the Russian painter and set-designer.

Timergaleev continued to explore the great schools of modernism, notably Cubism, Expressionism and Fauvism, producing what one critic has called "classical images of the avant-garde culture".

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